What kind of cannabis seeds to grow? Which one grows and is rich?

Did you know that cannabis seeds come in many varieties and have different cultivation purposes? Each species has its advantages. Different advantages that in cultivation it is necessary to know the properties, taste and effect well after use first. Because the different species are very different. Some varieties offer excellent taste and functionality but are light-duty. Some varieties have a bad taste. But the effect is more severe. Or some species have medicinal properties and are used by doctors, today we will get to know each species of cannabis seeds.

Various cannabis seeds

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower cannabis seeds

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower cannabis seeds, one of the most popular strains around the world. There is a moderately high price. Because the effect of the release of the substance is considered quite strong. Also, the yield is quite high. It is very cost-effective to cultivate. It takes only 75 days to grow, which is a moderate period. Not too short and not too long and the harvesting and care is not complicated. The advice is to cultivate in a greenhouse climate. The vigor of the cultivar assumes a rather large chance of success in planting. Taste and smell like lemon. Suitable for those who are new to planting very much.

Gorilla Zkittlez cannabis seeds

Gorilla Zkittlez cannabis seeds are quite expensive for those who prefer to grow it in the open air, this variety is considered the most suitable. because I like the open air and normal sunlight Moreover, the harvesting period is considered short, only 56 days can start harvesting. Suitable for those who want to experiment with planting and see results quickly. But the disadvantage of this species is that the rate of survival in planting is very low. (Weak in cultivation) The medicinal potency was considered to be only in the middle level.

Brain Damage Auto cannabis seeds

Brain Damage Auto cannabis seeds for those who already have experience with growing them. Choosing this breed is considered the right choice. because the cultivation is done in open ground and does not require much care The vigor of this breed is considered mediocre. Harvest time 59 days after sowing. considered to be in a short period of time In addition, the productivity is at a standard level. The standard taste and effect after use are at a good level.

Purple Lemonade cannabis seeds

Purple Lemonade cannabis seeds are one of those strains that feel great in terms of appearance. Plus, the long-lasting citrus-like aroma and taste encourages users to be happier. The characteristics of planting require open space, with a moderate harvesting period, requiring 63 days, and the rate of harvesting is rather higher than usual. It is one of the most cost-effective and cost-effective varieties.

OG Kush cannabis seeds

OG Kush cannabis seeds, one of the more moderately priced strains that are not too expensive. It tastes good but not flashy. It is a species that grows in the open air. and has a large height (Easily observable) with a short harvesting period of 49 days, it can already be harvested. tastes like lemon effective in medical treatment And counted as one of the species that come from the original species. The aforementioned species are very popular among singers. and foreign rappers

AK 47 cannabis seeds

AK 47 cannabis seeds, one of the strains with a short growing time, only 50 days can be harvested. But the disadvantage is that it needs to be planted in a prison nursery. It is another strain that users consider to be highly euphoric and provide the most happiest experience. The price of seeds is quite moderate, not too expensive. Suitable for those who want to use it to make it work. The taste is sweet and feel like smoking

Other cannabis species

There are many different types of cannabis plants and people are constantly innovating and breeding new ones. In order to get the best cannabis plants according to the characteristics that growers want, when friends know the advantages The advantages of the cultivation of each species Friends are able to choose and use these cannabis plants for the benefits that they want.

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