Marijuana is a medicinal plant that everyone wants to own.

Seri marijuana is one of the most sought-after definitions by Thai people as this medicinal plant has been in demand for a long time and has not been pushed to become a plant that can be legally possessed. In addition, the properties of the aforementioned herbs are quite limitless and can be applied. In the global cannabis definition of marijuana, liberal marijuana is something that people can access and feel without discrimination or territoriality. Marley

Free marijuana with the phrases of the prophet Bob Marley, one of the most influential in the world and of all time. When you talk about the world’s most prevalent herb, past and present, Bob Marley is the singer who has brought the world’s attention to the image of this herb. By bringing symbols to decorate and decorate his life and his own albums. In addition, the content and thematic of the song have different parts mixed into it and convey the meaning. His songs are philosophical with meaning conveyed in the sincerity and energy of Bob himself, making his works popular all over the world, and the phraseology of liberal marijuana is not. It was born from this idea of his own. He fought against the legalization of marijuana, which at the time was seen as just a drug, until it was accepted by some countries and the wider public that marijuana was not a life-threatening herb. Humans are, however, herbs that induce calming thoughts and minds. and in Bob’s cult and belief Marley also believed in this herb that those who used it would produce the greatest wisdom. It is a herb that causes cheerfulness and laughter.

Free marijuana brings together unity and solidarity after a long battle of artists pushing for cannabis to be a legal plant, music and concepts are mixed with part of life as well as bringing the story. The sole belief in cannabis that was driven by cultists made it one of the biggest ripples in history. And counted as having to be engraved in this world that has it all. president of jamaica and the leaders of the opposition shake hands on the stage of the Bob show. Marley on April 22, 1978, is a matter that will be discussed for a long time. Because such events occur from the concept of liberal marijuana as the beginning and that results show the world clearly that the plant that everyone used to see as That bad things or just drugs has become what led to the cooperation of the two groups in the condition of a society of belief and hate to come back together and eventually join forces.

So liberated marijuana is not just a statement of beauty, but it is used as a symbol of equality. Forgiveness and Unity Personally, the author personally believes that I strongly agree with this statement, because when I analyzed and looked at the images of people who liked the use of this herb, it was found that there were no violent images. or images of conflicts that previously appeared in the media on social media in any way On the other hand, whether it is the image of the arrested person or the media that has emerged for us to see in various places, even those who are being prosecuted for possessing this forbidden herb have a happy expression on their faces. And there are no violent images in any way. Therefore, liberal marijuana should once again be brought up and discussed with our society that this is a necessity and should be pushed into a legal matter. And the general public should have the right to use or possess this kind of herb without any mother’s clause at all.


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