What is the difference between cannabis and hemp?

Although Thailand has announced that marijuana and hemp plants have been released from category 5 for a while now. But even then, there are still many issues for both the relevant authorities and the general public to debate. Both THC and CBD ratios are suitable for the safe treatment of disease. Child laws relating to the public use of hemp cannabis Issues on the dangers of hemp cannabis from youth groups This includes the use of hemp cannabis in commercially available food and beverages. But one point that confuses most people. In particular, the general public who does not work in science and medicine is Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp Since cannabis and hemp are very similar outwardly morphologically similar, at first glance they may be thought to be the same species. May result in disadvantages if the wrong type of use is selected. This is because cannabis and hemp contain different amounts of THC and CBD. But there are differences that can be used as a criterion for categorizing cannabis and hemp.

History of cannabis and hemp use

Before going to understand how cannabis and hemp are the same or where there are differences. You should know that cannabis and hemp plants have a long history of use since the early Christian era. Both plants are plants in temperate regions of Asia. Then spread to various areas such as the southern region of Siberia. Persia region northern india Himalayan foothills area and areas of China Until Roman times, there was documented evidence that marijuana and hemp were brought from Asia to the Italian territories. Cause distribution to various areas in Europe and around the world at a later time. For historical uses, there is little difference between marijuana and hemp. There is a lot of historical evidence for the use of cannabis and hemp in human food, animal feed, recreational drugs, rope, clothing, paper and medicinal purposes in many countries. Official medical reports on the use of cannabis and hemp began in the 19th century after the substance was discovered. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or thc, and Cannabidiol, or cbd, but because thc is a neurotoxic substance, marijuana and hemp are more legally regulated.

Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp

If asked how marijuana and hemp are alike, the answer is because the two plants are very similar in appearance. In the past, cannabis and hemp had the same scientific name, Cannabis sativa L. , and were also classified as plants in the family of stinging nettles (Urticaceae). Unlike other plants in the family of nettles, the two plants have been separated into a new circle. Cannabidaceae It wasn’t until 1998 that cannabis and hemp were differentiated. The scientific name of cannabis is Cannabis sativa L. subsp. indica (Lam.) E.Small & Cronquist or in academic papers, Cannabis sativa L. subsp. is used. Indica is commonly known as Marijuana and hemp is Cannabis sativa L. subsp. Sativa, the common name Hemp for the difference between marijuana and hemp, becomes apparent as it matures. by showing the difference as follows:

1. Stem height and branching

The first characteristic that can be clearly distinguished between marijuana and hemp is height, with cannabis being no more than 2 meters tall. and branching more than hemp Hemp is a slender plant and more than 2 meters tall, but has less branching than cannabis.

2. Peel and fiber characteristics

In terms of stem characteristics, if it is cannabis, the bark is not sticky, harder to peel, low quality fibers. while hemp bark is tougher. But easier to peel, good fiber and high quality.

3. Color and appearance of leaves

Characteristics of cannabis leaves are green, small, narrow, long, arranged close together, with about 5-7 lobes, decorated inflorescences in a tight group with sticky rubber when touched. As for the hemp leaves, they are yellowish-green, large leaves, arranged quite far apart, with about 7-11 lobes and no sticky rubber on their hands.

4. Flowering

If the cannabis plant will bloom when the plant is over 3 months old, the inflorescences are very resinous. The hemp will bloom at the age of more than 4 months and the inflorescences have no rubber or less rubber.

5. Seeds and their properties

For hemp and cannabis seeds, no clear differences were found. But the difference is found in the properties of the seeds and the extracted oil. Hemp seeds contain protein that can replace soy, starch, and omega-3 oils to help nourish the brain and heart. As for hemp seeds, they are not available, so they are not commonly used for cooking. But the oil has medicinal properties.

6. The amount of active substances

The leaves and inflorescences of cannabis contain more than 1% THC, less than 2 CBD/THC, and up to 15% fiber percentage, while hemp contains less than 1%, CBD/THC greater than or equal to 2 and percentage. Fiber up to 35%

It can be seen that although they look very similar from the outside But when examined in detail, the difference between cannabis and hemp can be seen both in terms of their botanical and essential substances. These characteristics can be used as criteria for categorizing cannabis and hemp for the correct use for the intended purpose.

Trends in the use of cannabis and hemp in Thailand

I must admit that after the full release of hemp cannabis in Thailand has been completed. what follows is The awakening of Thai entrepreneurs who are interested in the use of cannabis and hemp in various fields. The law states that the constituents of cannabis and hemp that are not classified as drugs and that can be used are oil, bark. Stems, root fibers, true leaves, blades, branches, stems and hemp seeds However, if the extract and residue of cannabis, hemp must not exceed 0.2% THC, while hemp inflorescences and cannabis seeds are also classified as drugs.

For the development of cannabis plants, many people would see that both government agencies state enterprise and the private sector are focusing on supporting medical research. Its purpose is to be used to fight disease. The latest good news about the benefits of cannabis is The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) has developed cannabis oil and has been included in the national list of essential herbal medicines, totaling 3 items:

  • High THC hemp oil for treating nausea from chemotherapy. Relieves insomnia, anorexia, and moderate or severe pain in terminally ill cancer patients.
  • High-CBD cannabis extract oil as an adjunct treatment for end-stage cancer patients with insomnia, anorexia, and moderate or severe pain in terminally ill cancer patients.
  • A cannabis extract oil pill containing equal amounts of CBD and THC is used as an adjunct to end-stage cancer patients with insomnia, anorexia, and moderate or severe pain in terminally ill cancer patients as well.

Currently, there are 893 state medical services agencies that can supply all three cannabis drugs across the country. This will make it easier for people to have access to cannabis medicines that are appropriate for their health and their underlying health conditions. In addition, many private sectors are also competing to develop consumer products containing cbd or cannabis extracts in large quantities. including drinking water mixed with vitamins, fruit juices, snacks, soaps, cosmetics, skin care creams, toothpaste. Hemp itself is classified as another important new economic crop of Thailand that will be sent to compete for market share from other countries. For this reason, the government has issued regulations allowing the use of hemp oil or hemp extract from hemp seeds in cosmetics since 2021. Now, the development of cosmetic products and acne creams has been started. Sold in the market as well.