Knowledge of cannabis cultivation in Thailand

Did you know that at present we can grow cannabis in Thailand? By the way, it is necessary to gather 7 or more people to set up a community enterprise first. After that, contact the hospital for a contract to grow cannabis. The friends will receive only 6 cannabis plants per household. It is said simply that they receive 6 plants each, and there is a limitation in their use, which is forbidden to consume or plant for use in drugs such as bouquets, flowers, leaves attached to inflorescences. Do not use for any activities that may cause intoxication itself.

Growing cannabis legally Many people may have dreamed of using this herb for a long time. Currently, it is open to planting legally. But it’s not a free thing. Because there are restrictions that are clearly stated in the planting contract. As of now, there are no outstanding problems or complaints from the transplant request and contract with the hospital. What can be further developed in medical practice is considered to be a real therapeutic benefit. Because when you grow marijuana under the control of a legal contract, The grower is required to contract, which at this point is only hospitalized. If you still don’t quite understand and can’t figure it out. Think of the hospital hiring you to grow marijuana to deliver to the hospital itself. It will be used to produce drugs to be sold to the public in the future itself. Looking at this point is still doing it for the benefit and business for the capitalists who accept large drug production itself.

Cultivated cannabis , with the obligation that parts that can be produced as a drug or extracted to obtain cannabis oil, need to be taken to the hospital for sale. In addition, the price that has not been stated with certainty is the middle price, causing people in some areas to worry about growing cannabis whether it can generate good income or not. In addition, the limitation of planting only 6 plants per household, looking at the farmer’s side, would be an investment that is not worth the time spent. The author must inform the reader directly that the yield from the cannabis plant cannot be expected. one hundred percent Sometimes this herb can also die perennial. Therefore, the planting cannot be expected to produce as expected. In addition, the care factor is another problem. This herb is quite different for each species. On average, it’s not very strong. Imagine that your friends invest in planting 6 plants to sell to the hospital, which takes an average of 45 days or more, and in the end there are 2-3 plants that die or do not produce the desired yields. That friends will lack the money in the portion that should be up to half. In this section, the author thinks that more than 6 trees should be planted or made into a serious care club. without the need for a monopoly on sales to hospitals so that the price of marijuana is not set by itself.

The future of cannabis cultivation should be in this section. The author himself views that cannabis has high medicinal value and is in great demand by the global user market. If the Thai government can see that the liberalization of farmers can be planted freely or can trade without obligations. The author believes that our income generation in Thailand can be further enhanced. It can be seen that just using cannabis leaves as a protagonist in today’s trade can create a strong demand among buyers. It can also generate huge income for traders as well. Whether it is used for cooking, drinking, or as a photo spot, free cannabis cultivation will help Thai people to have a cash crop and also be able to attract more tourists to visit our country. as well Or if the government will see how to control that can trade or use flowers, bouquets, seeds, it will allow the cultivation of cannabis in our country to diversify and further develop the country.


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