Medical hemp oil

Did you know that cannabis oil is now certified to have healing properties and is part of the modern medical need to use cannabis oil to treat patients. Thailand is known as a category 5 drug which has the following therapeutic properties.

Helps relieve nausea in chemotherapy patients using cannabis oil can help reduce symptoms in patients very well and in foreign countries it is also used to treat pain and nausea in patients with disease. cancer as well Due to the effects of such herbs that help to relieve pain and help euphoria itself.

Helps to treat patients with drug-resistant and difficult-to-treat epilepsy, the effect of the drug will improve the patient’s condition. With the method of dripping 1-2 drops of cannabis oil under the tongue before using the drug must consult with a doctor closely because if the drug user has an allergic reaction to the drug, it may cause harm. Also do not use for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.

Helps to treat patients with spasms in patients with degenerative sclerosis. The symptoms are easily noticed, such as difficulty walking. Loss of balance in walking or moving, blurred vision, etc. The treatment method is to use a drop of cannabis oil under the tongue. This treatment is only to relieve symptoms, not a complete cure.

Helps to treat patients with central nervous system pain where other methods are ineffective. The drug is effective in relieving pain and helps the patient to relieve occasional pain. Because this cannabis oil has side effects in use and is very dangerous for people who are allergic to the drug.

However, the doctor has warned about the misunderstanding of the general public that the use of this herb in the treatment can cure all diseases. By using these treatment methods, there are also side effects. The heart beats faster and stronger in people with underlying diseases that may be at risk for treatment, so if friends who want to treat with such methods should consult with a doctor first.

The use of such cannabis oil, I would like you to try to analyze and understand it first because the drug does not help the patient to cure the symptoms, but helps to relieve the symptoms. So from time to time, if friends think of using such drugs, they need to be examined by a medical professional first, because within the drug has properties that make users intoxicated with and is dangerous for those who are allergic to substances inside. medicine It should also be approved by a physician for use. And if using cannabis oil makes you feel intoxicated or feel bad, you should seek immediate medical attention.

*Note: If the drug user develops an illness from the use of cannabis treatment, they cannot receive social security payments for their treatment. and have to pay the difference in the treatment itself

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