How to use CBD Oil and how much you should use?

After the trend of medicinal marijuana spread to Thai people. causing new patients to start using cannabis oil more Several studies have confirmed that cannabis oil can cure or alleviate diseases. Therefore, it is like another hope. You just need to use cannabis oil properly. to get full benefits and efficiency


How to use cannabis oil How to use CBD oil for health

Since cannabis products have been unlocked for free medical use. Patients with chronic stress or frequent insomnia should be able to see treatment options and improve their symptoms. With the help of hemp oil containing CBD or Cannabidiol, one of more than 60 active substances from the cannabis plant. Known as Cannabinoids, it is not a psychedelic active ingredient. But the research supports that CBD Oil helps health care as follows.

  • Helps to sleep better, fall asleep easily, sleep deeply
  • Reduce depression and relieve tension.
  • Relieve pain, reduce inflammation, especially diseases related to the nervous system.
  • Reduce seizures in patients with epilepsy.
  • Help support the symptoms of patients with muscle weakness.
  • Relieve symptoms of chronic inflammatory bowel disease
  • heart health
  • Reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic pediatric patients.


Methods for using cannabis oil

Proper Use of CBD Oil for Health It will depend on the symptoms or the intended use for treatment. In other words, there are two different ways to use cannabis oil, but for any ailment, it’s best to use the right amount for the individual. To achieve the best performance of applications that see results

  1. How to use cannabis oil, drop under the tongue, focusing on the effectiveness that needs to be entered into the blood system. Because under the tongue there are many blood vessels that absorb oil. Just drop a few drops of cannabis oil as needed under your tongue, hold it for at least 20 seconds, then swallow. The longer you put it under the tongue, the faster results will be seen within 15 – 45 minutes, depending on the symptoms or disease that needs treatment.
  2. How to use cannabis oil on the body , focusing on the effectiveness that needs to be used for local relief. Because CBD Oil is not absorbed into the blood system or spread throughout the body. It is ideal for local pain relief, such as muscles, joints, and skin soothing. CBD works only on the area of use. But CBD Oil is not recommended for sublingual drip to the skin. because it does not produce any effect.


How to use the right amount of CBD Oil

Research indicates that CBD does not have a fixed dosage. Because everyone’s body reacts differently to the amount of CBD. Therefore, how to use cannabis oil should start with a small amount, initially 20-40 milligrams per day, then increase by 5 milligrams per week per week. Continue doing this until the symptoms have subsided. Most of the time, people use doses of 20 – 100 milligrams per day. It depends on these different factors.

  • body weight
  • individual body balance
  • Illnesses that require treatment
  • CBD concentration

How many drops of cannabis oil is the right amount to use?

Many of you may wonder how many drops of cannabis oil should we use? We can see the amount of CBD on the product label. This will indicate how much CBD is contained in one bottle or one-time use of cannabis oil, and may also provide more details on how much CBD should be used for each illness. However, it is not possible to determine how much CBD is in one drop of cannabis oil, as the package label indicates the total amount of CBD in one bottle.

We can do some basic calculations about CBD content. The first thing you need to know is how many milliliters of cannabis oil is in a bottle. Then let’s see how many milliliters of 1 drop of liquid. But usually this is 0.05 ml. Then calculate how many drops of CBD you need to use.

  • 1 drop 0.05 ml
  • Bottle size 30 ml
  • CBD content in a bottle – 500 mg

Example : 8 mg of cannabis oil is obtained from a 30 ml bottle of cannabis oil, with 1 drop equal to 0.05 ml.

Bottle size / 1 drop = total number of drops in 1 bottle

30/0.05 = 600 drops

CBD content in bottle / total number of drops = CBD content (mg) per 1 drop

500/600 = 0.83 mg

So, 10 drops of cannabis oil are used to obtain approximately 8 mg of CBD (10 x 0.83 mg = 8.3 mg).


In case of overdose of cannabis oil

Medical uses of cannabis oil should be used in moderation. So you can get the efficiency and results you want. But if you accidentally use more than the prescribed amount, don’t worry. This is because research has shown that the human body can tolerate up to 1,500 milligrams of CBD daily, even with continued use. As for patients who have oral medications and want to try CBD in cannabis oil as an alternative. Always consult your doctor before use.

For those who are allergic to “grapefruit” or medications that take it on a regular basis, there is a warning that they should avoid eating grapefruit. Avoid using hemp oil and CBD.


CBD Oil side effects

CBD is fully effective. When we have the right way to use cannabis oil However, there can be very few side effects such as changes in appetite, diarrhea, or feeling slightly tired.

So we can conclude that how to use cannabis oil depends on the intended use. But most people prefer to use the drops under the tongue. Because it helps to treat and relieve symptoms more comprehensively than that. By choosing cannabis oil from reliable manufacturers and distributors as well as guaranteeing safety. It is 100% pure and natural for our best health care.

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