How is hemp seed serum different from other serums?

Serum, one of the small molecule skin care products that add moisture to our skin. Most of the time, the texture of the serum is liquid to semi-liquid. And in one serum will contain various extracts that are different. Because it is absorbed into the skin quickly and deeply to the structural level more easily than other products, the serum itself is more popular than other skin care products. One of the new products of the serum that we will introduce today is Hemp Seed Serum

Before looking at the serum Let’s get acquainted with cannabis first. The question why we choose to use hemp as an ingredient is because hemp contains CBD (Cannabidiol) which, once taken by our body, does not produce euphoria like cannabis. But mainly CBD is extracted from it, and it is mainly used for medicinal purposes, such as helping in reducing pain. and with some properties of hemp causing hemp to be extracted as a serum Yo from the research results from different countries came out to the study in the same direction that In terms of the beauty benefits of hemp extracts. Contains antioxidants that help in inhibiting cell degeneration. also in terms of reducing and reducing inflammation of the skin add moisture Makes the skin soft and flexible. and youthful skin Therefore, hemp is suitable for use as an ingredient in the production of cosmetics itself.

when produced as hemp seed serum The serum will consist of a variety of ingredients. Having said that, each of them helps in terms of nourishing the skin. Especially the extracts of hemp itself. The properties of Hemp Seed Serum are that it helps to strengthen the skin, helps to fight free radicals, helps to reduce inflammation of the skin, helps in helping to balance the skin. , helps to slow down the signs of aging and increase radiance does not clog all this is The best components and the best features for our face.

How to use the serum to be more effective I have to say that sometimes getting a good product comes in handy. If we use it the wrong way, it may be less effective. But if we use it correctly, the results of such products will definitely see results quickly. Hemp seed serum is no exception. Here’s how to use the serum to get better results: Start by cleaning your face thoroughly. This is in order to allow better absorption of the serum into the skin. An easy way to wash your face is to wash your face with warm water. which is a good temperature for facial skin (Recommend that you don’t forget! Wash your face and wipe your face gently. Don’t do it whenever you rub your face too hard. Because it can cause irritation to the skin) After that, apply the serum while the skin is damp. Having said that, moist skin is able to allow the serum to penetrate the skin 10 times more easily than dry skin, so when we should apply the serum after a shower or after using a toner. Instant alcohol-free in the use of Hemp Seed Serum. Recommended to use only 2-3 drops is enough to nourish the entire face. But it’s important to spread the serum over the entire face. By applying the serum in important areas such as the face of the cloth, cheeks on both sides and spreading the serum evenly. and use other types of products after Hemp seed serum immediately if you need to use multiple skin care products together. But the most important thing is In order to nourish the skin, the serum must be applied first. Because serums are lighter than various forms of skin care. Therefore, applying other heavier skin care products before the serum This may result in the serum not being able to absorb into the skin as well as it should.

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