Collecting marijuana laws that you should know in Thailand

Marijuana is considered to be a plant that was first classified as a regulated drug and enacted cannabis law in 1979. All Thai people understand that cannabis is considered a dangerous and bad plant without The understanding that these plants are considered plants that provide many benefits to them.

The cannabis law was reconsidered in 2020 on December 15th, during which time a large number of people started campaigning and wanting to take advantage of the herb. Many arrested and many Thai people started growing cannabis plants. Recently, according to people’s perception, the effects of marijuana’s release are harmless and not as scary as they thought. In addition, people in many areas brought out to use regularly until it was taken into account and wanted to enact a new marijuana law that by coming out to discuss the issue, it was open to allowing cannabis to be Herbs are legal, but inflorescences And that seed is still illegal in Thailand. Because they want to control people from growing cannabis plants or breeding them freely.

Cannabis laws in 2021 It has emerged that cannabis is considered something that can be used in the medical field. By enacting this law, it helps in the treatment of various diseases in a wide variety of patients. In addition, the marijuana law in 2021 came out clearly to prevent the use of marijuana for psychedelic purposes. Because the drug does not contain substances that cause the user to be drunk. or acting on the drug itself

from marijuana laws This led to the public opinion that the government was rather favorable to producers and large capitalists due to the monopoly on breeding and distribution. The original policy that had been set so that people could have marijuana in their homes has been reduced to roles. and only authorized government officials or companies are allowed to distribute and breed such plants. That makes the new cannabis law vulnerable and can set the price of the herb without limitation. If people can cultivate their own, they can reduce the cost of the price of this medicinal plant very much.

However, it is undeniable that at present The cannabis law has been used as a reference and promoted as the main policy of campaigning for free people who enjoy the use of the herb. In the last election, the law enforcement group received quite a lot of votes and won the election. That shows that the majority of people in our country are quite approving and want to use a lot of these herbs. which from the current of society in this new era is quite acceptable and has revealed how to use it in society very widely

future and forecast The future of marijuana laws is likely to bring another big change in society. This is because people still call for the widespread use of the herb and its many applications. whether it is made for commercial purposes in the form of a restaurant Which is currently considered the top social trend in Thailand that has it all, and there are many children and young people who are quite eager to try this herb as well.

Currently, possession of marijuana is still a legal penalty. If it is for sale, it can be imprisoned from 2 years to 15 years, and can also be fined from 200,000 baht to 1,500,000 baht, or if it is for possession, it can be imprisoned for up to 5 years and fined up to 100,000. That baht, which is considered that the law still has severe penalties, that people are quite campaigning for marijuana to return to a legal plant and possess for consumption or consumption. and distributed freely as in foreign countries itself

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